A day of celebration! Healing Rooms celebrate 6th birthday and Christalla’s 8th year since miracle healing.

Healing Rooms took place as usual Friday 4th October in Cadwaladers Red Dragon Centre 7pm. But cake was offered along with prayer.

Cadwaladers gift vouchers were given out to passersby as prompted and led by the Holy Spirit. We had such fun.

As we asked God to lead us to people, a ‘red coat’ was one of the clues and the owner of it appeared, an item of clothing with ‘hearts’ was another, when after some time, a young lady wearing a jumper full of hearts was spotted, then a blue inflatable ‘number 7’ was highlighted going into 5 Guys food place, making a numerical sequence of 5,6,7,8. Five was the food place, our 6th year, the persons number 7, our 8th year celebrating healing, another clue was a ‘teenager’ and one came and sat down.

We serve a living God who speaks and He spoke as lives were touched.

It was also a busy night as many came for prayer. We give God glory for all He is doing as He moved in power.

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