Our Team – Healing Rooms Cardiff Founders

I was born and brought up in a Christian family in Gloucester, England. I left the church at the age of eighteen and lived in various parts of the UK to attend University, for job relocation and to start a business. I eventually settled in Cardiff where I met my wife to be Christalla. However, it was not until I was profoundly impacted by the power of God during a service at the CityChurch, that I began the amazing journey that led to Christalla and I founding House of Prayer and Healing Rooms.

Ken Bailey Director Healing Rooms Cardiff

Ken Bailey

Christalla Bailey Director Healing Rooms Cardiff

Christalla Bailey


We started a “House Of Prayer” after I got miraculously healed after 23 years of M.E.  After being encouraged by our local church leaders to start an eight week course in our home, we started the House Of Prayer, a year later we started Healing Rooms. This was because we saw so many answers to prayer that we had to open our doors for others to experience what was taking place. I am thankful to our wonderfully dedicated team and to God for guiding us.

Healing Rooms Cardiff Advisors

Colin and Mavis

Team Advisors

We have hosted a House of Prayer in Cardiff in relationship with Evangelical Alliance Wales, for the last 10 years, praying in the heart of the city for the heart of the city and the nation. We connected with Chris and Ken through Ffald y Brenin, a remote Christian House of Prayer and retreat centre in S.W.Wales where the manifest presence of God is evident as declared in Rev.21; 3. “Look! Look! God has moved into the neighborhood, making His home with men and women! They’re His people, He’s their God”

This is our desire for Cardiff and Wales and 3G Ministries is an integral part of this vision.

It is a privilege to be associated with Healing Rooms UK bringing the wholeness of Jesus into people’s lives.

Healing Rooms Cardiff Team


Associate Director

Back in 2012, I approached Chris (even though I didn’t know her) and told her about a friend with cancer.

It’s a wonderful privilege to be involved with what the Father God is doing and seeing results week in, week out.

Maureen Thompson Team Member


Associate Director

It’s been amazing co-working with the Holy Spirit and the team to minister to people and see them being set free.

Glory be to God!

Helen Gamanya Associate Director Healing Rooms Cardiff


Team Member

I have been part of the House of Prayer and the Healing Rooms as an Intercessor.

I thank this team of Prayer Warriors for training me, and I feel I am growing more in the Lord Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. AMEN!

Lily Hughes Associate Director Healing Rooms Cardiff


Team Member

I met Chris when she was attending Thornhill church at Day One and I have been alongside them ever since.

I’m involved because God heals and I’m so blessed to be a part of it and see Him at work. I get so excited.

Fabiano Team Member


Team Member

I joined Healing Rooms because God’s plan is to take me into greater heights in the Spirit where I can grow in the gifts so to bless others and lead people to Christ.

I’ve learnt so much with the team and I’m so thankful for Chris and Ken for mentoring me.

Maria Team Member


Team Member

I am blessed to meet our Lord Jesus, Chris, Ken and all the team. I am grateful to receive support, prayers, be healed and it’s a wonderful privilege to grow and be involved in Healing Rooms to help others.

It’s my heart desire to see happy people.

Julie Team Member


Team Member

God has brought me through a journey of illness back into healing and friendship.

He has strengthened and helped me overcome fears through the power of prayer and given me joy in his presence.

I want to see God move in other peoples lives, so they too can be free.


Team Member

I joined in 2018 after attending Healing Rooms and House of Prayer. I was really encouraged on how they clearly heard the voice of God for me. I wanted to join and battled with this for a while, I wanted to learn how to step out and listen to Gods voice. God wants to help and speak healing to people though us. Since I started my training. I feel more confident in how to step out in the things of God as I’m in a safe environment.