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The House of Prayer is a team of dedicated intercessors who meet at 7pm on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Friday of every month to pray into matters that relate to the local communities, church leadership, missions, the nation, and also international issues. All those wishing to receive prayer who are unable to attend Healing Rooms on the first Friday of the month are welcome to attend after 8:30pm ( the end time is open to change).

How was House of Prayer formed?

In 2012 Chris and Ken were attending the CityChurch in Cardiff City centre.. The church encouraged people to open up their homes for eight weeks to show a dvd and chat. This was a series called ’40 Days Of Community’. At the end of it, Chris asked what people wanted to do. Whether to keep meeting together or to stop. Someone suggested starting a House Of Prayer. This had been on Chris’s heart for some time but she hadn’t said anything. At the time a lady with cancer from the church was given days to live.

One member from the house group knew of a pastor from Gloucester who had an amazing worldwide ministry in Healing and deliverance and especially for cancer. We called him there and then. The lady with cancer refused any help but we booked the pastor to come and speak anyway. He would attend monthly on a Saturday. We saw many healings and answers to prayer. The pastor would speak of awesome stories of miracles around the world, we would invite people who needed healing or a change in their circumstances. The very first was a man who needed his papers to stay in the country. If they didn’t come, he would have to go back home and face sure death. Chris will never forget the fear on his face when he attended that first meeting. The pastor told him that in three weeks his papers would arrive. Three weeks to the day, they arrived!

Chris knew that the House Of Prayer needed to be held in the charity shop. This had been opened recently by a couple from the CityChurch who had a vision for the area. The main aim of the House of Prayer was to pray for those who were stepping out in service for God, breakthrough in cancer healing, world matters and health, healing and prosperity for the local and wider communities. As a consequence of the charity shop being regularly covered in prayer, some customers would start crying and sharing things in their lives as soon as they walked into the building. People accepted prayer on the shop floor. We didn’t know how the House Of Prayer was going to look. We just asked the Holy Spirit to come. He did. We would meet at 6.30pm and often didn’t leave til early hours. People from different churches and backgrounds came to join us. We were amazed how they even knew we existed.

Each person that came had such a hunger to see God move. Each person was growing in their gifts, understanding and faith. It was after a year of the House Of Prayer that God spoke to Chris and Ken, instructing them to start Healing Rooms. That they were not to keep what was happening to themselves but to open their doors for others to experience the power of prayer.

If you wish to join House Of Prayer, please contact us.

We will arrange to have a chat with you. House Of Prayer is all about praying for what God wants us to be praying for. Please get in touch only if you seriously want to see answers to prayer and to see God move in power.