Where Is Your faith? Just Believe.


Does God heal people today?

Ken Bailey’s story about how his wife, Christalla, was dramatically healed from a debilitating illness after an encounter with God, will encourage and challenge you to believe that He does.

In this exciting and inspiring book Ken tells of their experience as well as others who have been miraculously healed and radically changed by meeting “the Living Christ”.

Does God answer prayer?

Read and listen to the accounts of those who say he does.

5.00 out of 5

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3 reviews for Where Is Your faith? Just Believe.

  1. Irene Davies

    I could not put this book down when I began reading “Where Is Your Faith? Just Believe.”
    I was encouraged at the awesomeness of God and His healing power. God doesn’t just heal physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually also.
    Well done to Ken Bailey for writing this book. It is an easy read and very encouraging.

  2. Penelope Garland, Cardiff.

    A wonderful read which has inspired me to walk higher, to climb my mountain of faith. It truly reminds us that God is all powerful all knowing and heals those who acknowledge him as the creator of all things here on earth since the beginning of time.

  3. Pam Richardson

    This book is a testament to belief and faith. Ken Bailey has succeeded in conveying the very essence of God, Jesus and their wonders in each story. Read the book and “Just Believe!” Thank you Mike,for your gift.Thank you Ken, for yours.

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