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Members of Healing Rooms Cardiff/House Of Prayer attended ‘Sound Of Wales’ Worship School titled ‘Illuminate’ 27-29th October 2016 in Pontypridd.

It was all about shining the light into the darkness, dispelling darkness. The event was covered in prayer and healing took place on so many levels.
On Saturday, the team were drawn to the prayer room in St Catherine’s Church. We were not scheduled to be there, not by man anyway. After a time of praying into what God had revealed, people started to come in for prayer, one by one. How did they know we were even there?!

Illuminate Sound of Wales


Illuminate Sound of Wales

What followed was such a beautiful suspension of time as God showed up big time, healing, restoring and delivering. We had the privilege to be used by Him, as His hands, feet and words. God revealed things that only He knew, in the form of words, pictures and feelings. We only noticed that several hours had gone by, when we heard a stomach rumbling!
A lady then came in and we thought, we couldn’t leave yet but she just wanted to pray not receive prayer. We told her we needed to eat something. She told us to wait a minute and came back laden with food. When we go about His business, He takes care of our every need.
Many thanks and blessings to all involved in making this event possible and inviting us to be part of it.
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