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I was unable to sleep which left me exhausted, after people prayed for me in the Healing Rooms, I slept that night and a month later, I am still sleeping well.


I suffered with arthritis in various joints alongside a back injury. I needed supports for my knees, elbows, hands and used a back brace. A massage pad for my back every night to ease the pain and a walking stick to cross the local footbridge. Since visiting the Healing Rooms I have had next to no pain! (left hand only). I now cross the footbridge without any support, no longer need the back massager and run up and down the stairs with no pain.


I came broken, dead and empty. I've been restored from the inside out.

My Turning Point

Coming for prayer on a Friday night was a turning point for me, I felt the presence of the Lord so strong, something that had been missing in my life. There has been significant improvement physically too.

A New Direction

After coming along on Friday I have found a new sense of peace and I am beginning to sense a new direction for my life!

Cysts On Overies

A young girl with cysts on her ovaries, not a Christian, felt heat during prayer, went to Dr after prayer, no cysts showed up, just marks where they used to be.


A lady asked for prayer after an accident which left her in pain and with some injuries. This is what she said 'I just wanted to say a big thank you for your prayers yesterday- I feel a lot better today! I was trying to eat my breakfast yesterday; it was agony with my bruised cheekbone! By the evening I was able to eat almost without pain!'


Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for praying for my Mum. I had to take her to A&E this morning to have her hand and forearm put in plaster. They were waiting for the swelling to go down before putting plaster on her. When the doctor saw her this morning he said the fracture and her hand were healing so well that she wouldn't need the plaster and didn't require any further treatment! Hallelujah! That is quite remarkable since she has osteoporosis.

Multiple Sclerosis

The lady with MS healed and back in work.


The lady involved in a car accident, instantly healed after prayer over the phone, all pain has now left her body.


The lady healed from Arthritis after 10 years of suffering, now off her medication and has lost a stone in weight, she can now move with no pain.


The lady in desperate need of a job, nothing was coming her way until she received prayer from Healing Rooms one day. Everything has changed, she is now in a great job and on commission despite not working there for long enough. Video added.

Anxiety Attacks

The lady healed from severe anxiety attacks, she no longer has the need for medication to sleep at night or to calm her down. She has a new lease of life, she remains happy and full of energy.

Prophetic Art Testimonials | The Natural Health Show

Feedback One

A lady came over with I think her sister and having prayed to the Holy Spirit for a revelation for her I heard the word ’faith’ and saw a cross with a dove in front of it with light radiating around the dove in front of the cross. I told her what I had heard and seen and she began to cry and told me that her children’s names were Faith and Dove (in another language). I had a sense that her children were really loved by God and so shared this with her as I drew the image of the dove in front of the cross with brilliant light radiating all around it. I felt it really lifted her to feel that her children were known by name and loved by God.

Feedback Two

Another lady came to us and I had an image of her carefully drawing out threads around richly coloured fabrics.  I asked her if she was interested in textiles and she told me that she enjoyed working with fabrics and she then drew out a piece of brightly coloured  Liberty cloth that she carried with her which came from a fabric that belonged to her mother that she was intending to make into a pair of trousers. She told us that she was under a lot of emotional stress in her life relating to a close member of her family and I had a sense relating to the image I saw that by putting energy into her fabric design and making she would feel renewed and recharged because the needlecraft was a way in which she drew close to God. (I have also seen in my art classes that, where students in highly stressful situations focus in on their creative practice, they manage to rise up above their circumstances and achieve mental and emotional release.)

Feedback Three

Another young lady came with a friend and I had an image of red water with shoals of fish swimming around. I asked her if she was interested in tropical fish. She said yes and explained the image herself by saying that the red represented the Red Sea because she was about to go on holiday to Egypt where she was going to go diving and see beautiful shoals of fish. She told me that the fish I had drawn looked just like the fish she saw when she was diving/snorkelling. I just had a sense with this that God wanted her to have a lovely relaxing holiday and was showing her that it was good for her to go and have a break and enjoy herself.

Feedback Four

A gentleman came over to see us on the Sunday morning for whom I had been carrying an image for a week or so since our time in the Healing Rooms annual gathering at Halifax. It was an image of beautiful old intricately carved stained glass windows where liquid blue light was flooding down through the tracery from above.  He told us that had had connections with old churches through his work (I think he had demolished a few?)  but also in earlier life he told us that he had attended a church where the experience had left him emotionally wounded and he was still carrying this wound around with him.  I felt strongly that God wanted to tell him through the image that it was good for him to come back to church but that church wasn’t a building but a relationship with Jesus Christ and the body of Christ - ie. living stones of people with Christ as the cornerstone.  I think that the tracery represented the concept of a church building and perhaps his preoccupation with church buildings, and the liquid blue light pouring through represented the living God showing that it is in our relationship with Him that He touches, washes and floods through our beings; our emotional association with a church building (or a memory of being in a particular church building) is of no lasting importance however beautiful it may be.

Feedback Five

There were so many beautiful images that came to me over the weekend, each one so different and specific to the person in front of us.  I felt so honoured and overjoyed to be a part of this weekend.  I had received a prophecy from a Pastor in Cardiff a few months prior to this event which said that God would open doors for me in my art practice because I was serving Him through my art.  So when Chris rang me and asked if I’d like to come to a prophetic art training session I was so thrilled and excited!  I come into a prayer of agreement with the Pastor’s words that  “This is just the beginning”.

Beautiful Cardboard Testimonies

Ken Bailey Director Healing Rooms Cardiff

Recorded at the CityChurch

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Christalla Bailey Director Healing Rooms Cardiff

My Story – Christalla

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